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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration

... even though it may be "illogical fallacy" ...

nothing personal Les. i just like to be fair about giving credit where it's due. while Adobe is not infallible--who is?--they have demonstrated a much more consistant and co-operative track record of supporting multiple formats and building industry wide portable containers.

Nunatak, careful you don't fall off that big horse of yours, pardner!

eye don't do horses--i ride mountain bikes. as such i'm used to falling flat on my face and getting back up on the seat. i don't mind learning from my mistakes. neither should you. :-)

RAW formats are patentable, too.

my understanding is that we're talking about color data. in particular, the users color data. i've argued vehemently against it being encrypted or hidden. my argument is simple: i paid for it so at any end destination it's mine--and i should be given unhindered access to it. otoh, the way it's manufactured remains a trade secret of the product maker.

Seems a little cooperation from everyone would be to our mutual benefit.

no argument there. i'm nobody's toady!

personally i'm used to color as an art, but have recently become fascinated by the science. from what i understand, the correct way of mapping color is through LUTs. if you're interested about one person's hypothesis on what ACR does or doesn't do, you might follow this thread between Mike Chaney and Andrew Rodney here! it's not conclusive but i certainly found it an interesting read.


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