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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration

Les ...

Let's see now. Adobe complains about camera vendors not releasing certain
RAW format information to them yet Adobe will not release information
to us concerning camera profiles.

I'm missing your logic relative to the point at hand.

that's because you've applied a logical fallacy. i thought we were talking about portability of data and not proprietary processes? profiling is a process. processes are--for good or bad-- patentable entities and therefore protected by law. you can (mostly) thank Ronald Reagen for that. neither adobe nor the camera makers are public science councils that are required to open their technology for peer evaluation.

the camera makers may own their file format, but the content--the user data--belongs to the camera owner who may do with it as they see fit. unless something has changed this was established back in the early 90's.

eye feel adobe acts a lot less like the camera vendors as they promote open portable containers that a camera owner can choose to insert their data into, and then process by whatever proprietary or public means they are licensed or entitled to use. although it would be helpful to understand adobe's profiling process, i don't feel it's hypocritical to deny it. at least not in this case.


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