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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration

I would modify this to read: Seems like Adobe is now behaving much less
like the camera vendors themselves!

Let's see now. Adobe complains about camera vendors not releasing certain RAW format information to them yet Adobe will not release information to us concerning camera profiles. I'm missing your logic relative to the point at hand.

Seriously, it would be kind if Adobe would give us a hint concerning
the cameras which behaved best when both generic profiles were built (lowest

Indeed. Seems Adobe is preaching for open standards when it comes to DNG yet their practices regarding color calibration do not set a very good example. If Adobe charged extra for ACR it might be understandable so keeping otherwise basic color calibration information from us is quite baffling.

I've found that proper color and exposure calibration can significantly reduce the need for further processing so this is issue isn't striclty an academic one. But it has been a challenge to figure out how to do this properly given the lack of information provided by the so-called advocates of open standards.


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