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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration

Rags Gardner wrote

> I firmly believe we need the spectral response data from the sensor
manufacturers for accurate color matching. <<

Yep. Also I would like to see a ranking of cameras regarding their gamut and which one already comes closest to a matrix geometry (at given light conditions) means that the spectral response of Bayer filters corresponds to XYZ weighting functions resp. linear combinations thereof afik.

Further, its still unclear for me to what extend said unit-to-unit deviations of cameras really exist. Or, if ACR calibration more compensates for the differences of the different calibration procedures compared to the profiling software used by Adobe to create both generic profiles.

ColorChecker comparisons before vs. after calibration seem to me quite complex as soon as a saturation-changing tone curve comes into play. It requires to make an assumption (by purpose or not) how Adobe meant the colors to look after passing through the default tone curve from Shadows, Brightness & Contrast settings.

Please keep us informed on new insights!

Best regards, Peter



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