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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration

If you are having trouble with Tom Forsí script and the manual methods,
you might want to have a look at my version of a calibration script ACR_Calibrate_Rags.

Rags, I am experiencing similar issues with your script even after tweaking the many options. But I did notice something interesting when running the accompanying color checker script.

The target values specified by the script do not match the values specified in the Lindbloom (ProPhoto) chart I downloaded. The difference is most significant for the red value on the red patch (115 vs. 122). I don't know if this may be an issue with Tom's script, as well.

Are target values potentially different for Mac vs. Windows? Info. Palette readouts in CS2 confirm the values provided in the Lindbloom chart.

Nonetheless, I've dialed things in extremely close using the Lindlbloom chart as a guide (assuming the chart is correct?) for all patches doing things manually. My largest error is +7 for the R value in the red patch (+14 according to the script, though) with values for all other patches being within 3 or 4 of the targets at worst (again, the script reports slightly different errors due to differrences in assigned target values).

I should add that your suggestion to save the initial brightness and contrast settings as defaults for ACR has proven extremely helpful. Thank you! I've added the shadows and global saturation settings (used to fine tune the calibration tab) to the default mix, as well. Results thus far look promising.

Now if only Adobe could incorporate noise reduction features into ACR that are equivalent to those used in RawShooter.


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