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Subject: Re: ACR Calibration

Bill --

> This matter was discussed extensively in a previous thread: Bill Janes, "Exposure to the right and tone placement"

Yep -- the same thread in which I saw Jeff's discussion about metering diffuse highlights. Afterward I decided to pry open my wallet and, kicking and screaming all the way, bought a meter with both incident and spot capability, and started handling metering via spot readings whenever possible. (Ok, so I lied. I always wanted that meter. :-) Now, if I could just get Sekonic to listen about how they could significantly improve the meter design to aid with digital capture -- a fairly simple change. But they made it clear enough in a passive/aggressive sort of way: they don't want such feedback. Lovely...)

> A reading from a mid gray would give a result similar to an incident light reading.

You mentioned increasing exposure by 1/2 stop thereafter. I have not found that a mere half-stop of additional exposure is enough (not consistently) to avoid underexposure. I find the whole business mysterious. As I said before, for a long time (with film) straightforward incident readings served me well enough. Incident readings' having recently produced sometimes serious underexposure has been downright perplexing.

> I agree with Rags that the basics of exposure have not changed that much over the years.

I'm sure they haven't, but in my experience, certain of the particulars seem to have danced off into some other dimension. (An example being sometimes subtle, sometimes not-so-subtle changes in overall color balance with changes in exposure -- either in the camera or when the EV is changed in a raw converter. Now that's un-fun...)


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