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Subject: Re: ACR/Bridge won't open "camera raw image" NEFs but will open "camera raw" NEFs - what's the diff?

I wish it were that simple. These are sequential frames from a D1x in the most current non-beta version of ACR and CS2, on MacOS X 10.3.9 (sorry for leaving out the essential data in the original post)

I'm with you that NikonScan has the rather bizarre habit of saving in their own format, but these files, I assure you, are not of that type.

The example frames are from a D1x shot 41 seconds apart about 2 years ago.

I'm suspecting something went wrong in the OS while copying the files to the backup or during a drag-copy between multiple drives. This past summer was the summer of hell for multiple drive failures.

But I am discovering a number of these, so I'm hoping there's possibly a tool out there that can recognize the defect and, ideally, correct for it.

What I have not yet tried is pumping the 'camera raw image' files thru DNG and seeing if it can read it.

I note that some of the 'camera raw image' NEFs seem to open in Capture and others do not, so I'm suspecting there's some /degree/ of corruption/mangling that Capture can handle but perhaps Bridge cannot. Bridge is 'consistent', in that if Bridge calls it 'camera raw IMAGE', then it refuses to offer 'open in ACR' as an option *and* CS2 won't ungrey the same files in Open dialogs, nor accept a drag to CS2.

The really annoying part is I can't do simple searches to identify /all/ such unopenable images in a large collection of folders, because 'show camera raw files' still shows both the openable (camera raw) and unopenable (camera raw IMAGE) files. That would be needed to be able to identify the extent of the number of files that are 'corrupt' (to Bridge), and assess whether I should go further in my disk/backup recovery steps.


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ACR/Bridge won't open "camera raw image" NEFs but will open "camera raw" NEFs - what's the diff? =>


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