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Subject: Re: ACR 3.3 and DNG -- Updating Settings ....

After some further research, I see the large preview option in DNG converter
is very desirable for DAM software. So, if use the large preview option
when converting to DNG to benefit Portfolio, what will happen if I don't
use the update preview option in ACR? Will Portfolio show the original
version which was prior to any edits?

I don't know about Portfolio, but iVIew MediaPro creates its thumbnails from the DNG's embedded preview. If you open the DNG after it has already been cataloged and make ACR adjustments, the iVIew thumbnail will not update automatically. You can do it manually by running the Rebuild command. This is no big deal. For a few DNG's, it takes a few seconds. If you have hundreds, just select all, hit Rebuild and go do something else.


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