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Subject: Raw 3.1 plug in...help

I installed cs2 and shot photos for the first time in Raw and tried to download to the system. I had to do it into Canon utilities, save as a file then tried to open in CS2. That is when I get the can't read the file type message. I found that I needed the plugin and downloaded it (several times now)

I can't get the program to show me that I have the new 3.1 plug in. I do have the DNG converter, but none of the photos are open within cs2 they are all icons until you open the file.

1. CS2 will not say that 3.1 is the plug in says 3.0
2. I changed the type of program used to read the file 8bi to photoshop and I can't change it back and everytime I download it it automatically shows up as the photoshop default.
3. I am just learning photoshop....what a way to start.

Please make sure that your answers are plain as I am not too bright.

System: XP Pro dell 8400 with 3.2g processor and 2 gig of ram

Thanks for your help.



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Re: Raw 3.1 plug in...help
Re: Raw 3.1 plug in...help
Re: Raw 3.1 plug in...help

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