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Subject: Possible 3.3 bug? White balance applied is "Auto" even when set to "As Shot"

Others please check me out on this, as I don't know whether this is specific to my camera's raw files, or more general.

I just used ACR 3.3 for the first time on a large batch of photos shot under difficult lighting conditions, and noted an unexpected behavior. When I viewed them all in Bridge and opened them for editing using ACR, the white balance pop-up would be set to "As Shot." In past versions of ACR this would produce the white-balance values that had been set by my camera.

But now, the white balance setting actually being applied was "Auto." I could tell this because I had shot all the photos at the same camera white-balance setting, but I was getting different color temperature and tint values from frame to frame in reaction to the colors of objects in the scene. Switching the pop-up from "As Shot" to "Auto" yielded exactly the same values, further demonstrating that what ACR is really applying is the Auto setting.

Switching to the other values of the white balance pop-up produced the expected behaviors: the color temperature and tint settings would change to preset values that would stay the same from frame to frame. It was only the "As Shot" setting that produces the same results as the "Auto" setting. In fact, there seems to be NO way to set ACR 3.3 to use the camera-recorded white balance data -- setting the pop-up to "As Shot" ALWAYS yields the "Auto" setting.

I'm using ACR 3.3 under MacOS X 10.4.4. The camera I'm using is an Epson R-D 1. ACR 3.3 produces the same behavior whether I work directly on the Epson .ERF raw files, or first convert them to Adobe DNG format using DNG Converter (my usual workflow.) As noted above, the previous ACR version did not exhibit this behavior when working with Epson raw files.


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