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Subject: Inverting color neg raws in ACR

> I am currently copying colour negatives and an invert function would be
> welcome whilst still in raw, it's very difficult to try and gauge white level
> when looking at a negative.


Under the Curve tab in ACR, choose Linear from the Custom pop-up and then
reverse the curve, so that it slopes in a straight line from the top left
corner to the bottom right corner. Input should then read 0 and Output 255
and your values reversed.

If you are happy with the result and you are doing a lot of processing, save
the settings from the ACR pop-up menu and then choose the new settings from
the Edit > Apply Camera Raw Settings menu, context menu or ACR dialog.
Alternatively, choose Save New Camera Raw Defaults (you can always revert
back to the ACR factory default).

I haven't tested the above, BTW, but in theory it should work.

Shangara Singh.


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