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Subject: Exposure to the Right and Luminoisty Histogram

Until I saw a post on the Luminous Landscape Forum, I had thought that exposure to the right had been discussed ad nauseam in this forum, but here is another topic for consideration. Many expose to the right based on the lumonisity histogram of the camera (which is based mainly on green), whereas others take a highlight reading, perhaps without taking into account the spectral response of the meter.

In any case, at least with some Nikon cameras, when the green channel is properly exposed in a daylight scene, the red and blue channels are underexposed by 1 EV or more as shown by a histogram on the RAW file. White balance is achieved by amplifying these two channels, with resultant increase in noise and reduction of the useful dynamic range. Those channels are not really exposed to the right.

By placing a CC40M filter in front of the lens, one can filter out some of the green light and bring the channels into balance. Of course, the image would be quite green unless one sets a custom white balance in the camera or in ACR from a neutral gray.


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