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Subject: EXIF Data Lost

After a long shoot of a week I lost most of my EXIF data (exposure values, ISO etc.) from my 20D .CR2 RAW images. Here's what I did, I think: During the week I uploaded the RAW images from the CF cards to a Kanguru traveling hard drive. When I arrived home, I uploaded all the images onto my desktop computer from the Kanguru, and eventually opened with Bridge. Something I did lost the EXIF data. I later recovered it by going back to the Kanguru, uploading again to the desktop computer, opening Bridge, letting it run completely, then looking at the images and EXIF data was there. What mistake did I initially make to have caused this: how can you lose exif data? Obviously I want to know so I can avoid the mistake in the future.



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Re: EXIF Data Lost
Re: EXIF Data Lost

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