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Subject: Camera Raw - "Operation could not be completed" message

I have Photoshop CS2 with camera Raw 3.2. I run an AMD Athlon 2000+ processor, 1.5G of RAM, 14Gb of free disk space, Windows XP Home (SP2). My camera is a Canon EOS 20D. I use the PC and camera with lots of other software and they are just fine.

Since I installed Photoshop and Bridge they has worked perfectly, apart from 1 feature in Camera Raw. When I click the "Save" button (to have Camera Raw save the raw image as a jpg rather than Photoshop), I (correctly) get a dialogue window asking me lots of questions, including the option to select a location to store the jpgs. Overall this facility works perfectly (converts and saves files, etc). Unless I click the button to select a directory. The directory selector box comes up and a small window appears on top (an error window) saying "Operation could not be completed". That's it - no other words. I "OK" this box to get back to the directory selector. I click any directory, and get the same error. I have to cancel the operation to get back to anything useful.

So, I can save the files no problem in the current directory, but can't select a new one. That's OK, but a bit of a pain (I then have to move them to the correct place).

Same happens if I do Camera Raw Preferences and try to use the directory selector to change the location of the cache. Identical errors.

The problem appears totally restricted to Camera Raw, and totally to use of the directory selector. Everything else (Photoshop, Bridge, hundreds of other applications on my PC, XP itself) works perfectly.

This happens in ACR 2.4, 3.0 and 3.2 (I've tried loading all 3) - so it's not a V3.2 issue.

Any ideas?


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Re: Camera Raw - "Operation could not be completed" message
Re: Camera Raw - "Operation could not be completed" message

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