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Subject: Bridge Work With Windows XP 64?

Just upgraded my computer with a 64-bit processor and Windows XP 64. CS2 seems to work fine, but when I downloaded new images from my 20D, there were no thumbnails in Bridge, just icons. I can see the thumbs created the same way on my old setup (Win XP Pro), but not the new ones. What's more, I can't seem to see some of the metadata.

Also, when I try to add info, copyright, job title, etc., it doesn't show up. At least, not on the new 'puter. If I look at the same folder on the new computer with Bridge on my laptop (via my network), I see both the thumbnails and added metadata. Oddly, On the new computer, I can see thumbs and added metadata created before on the XP system. Is there a compatibility issue with Bridge and Win XP 64? If so, will that be addressed soon?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Dan


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