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Subject: ACR modifications ignored by Photoshop

I have recently installed 3.3 beta version of ACR. Now, whatever modifications I make in ACR (exposure, white balance, etc.) are ignored when I open the file in Photoshop using the "open" command. The file that opens looks like I haven't touched it. The thumbnail in bridge continues to show the modifications.

I tried to go back to the previous version, but, now all previous version also ignore my modifications.

When I go to "Help, about, plug-ins" I see three versions of CameraRaw. The FAQ seems to imply that this could be a problem, but, it didn't say how to get rid of the others. There is only one version of the 8bi file in the plug-ins, format folder.

My files are from the Nikon D2x, and I'm using Photoshop CS2.


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Re: ACR modifications ignored by Photoshop

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