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Subject: ACR-Grey Scale conversion techiques


Was wondering if anyone out there uses ACR for grey scale conversions? Other than just setting saturation to 0. I understand that using the Calibrate controls, one can mimic the effects of filters such as a 25a (red) are there known amounts for various sliders values to reproduce specific filter effects?

Is this even a good way to do the gray scale conversion? I know several different methods, (LAB, Channel mixer, straight mode change) But wanted to incorporate it into the RAW conversion to be a little more time friendly.

I know that I can make an action and run it in Image Processor, but I tend not to use this method as I prefer to use Photo Mechanic for sorting (find bridge too slow to generate previews and just in general, so my selections are not carried across to bridge and thus it is more of a problem than it is worth I find to use a work around like moving files to a new folder so that I could use bridge once my editing is done. Wow, that was a long sentence! Also, I like to tweak the gray scale conversion for most images as I have not ever really found a method that suits all images. ACR allows me to do this easily.

Any thoughts appreciated.



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Re: ACR-Grey Scale conversion techiques

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