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Subject: ACR 3.3 prefs saving files as done/ xmp.files

thanks for entertaining a few questions:
this is a long one but it demonstrates my recent intro to ACR.
My point is can i do all the work on the NEF/ (giving it a name also)in ACR
almost everything i want to the file till im temporarily satisfied with it
hit....DONE, which then gives me an associated xmp.file which means that i can
later open this file and the work done on it is still there.
that associated xmp.file is the preference file so that if both the NEF file and the associated xmp file is moved to another computer
And then i can then open it up into pshop to make final changes/saving to TIFF?
This saves space and time if im not sure i like to NEF or decide to trash it later.
am i correct on all this???


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Re: ACR 3.3 prefs saving files as done/ xmp.files

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