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Subject: "Save As" freezes Photoshop CS w/NEF conversions

Today I am finding that after converting a NEF file in Photoshop CS w/Raw 2.4 when I go to "Save As" to save as a TIFF or jpeg, CS freezes up and I have to force quit to get out of the frozen program. This work flow of processing my NEF files has been working brilliantly for months on end and just started freezing up today? I re-installed Photoshop and downloaded the Raw 2.4 for my D70 NEF files and still have the freezes...any ideas? My computer is a G4 Powerbook 1.67. The only other variable I can think of is that I recently disconnected this Powerbook from an IOgear KVM switcher that allowed my desktop G4 to share my main monitor with the Powerbook. The switcher went bad and is being sent back to the company under warranty. My Photoshop and Save As when working with RAW is fine on my G4 desktop computer.

Thanks for any help you may have in advance.



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Re: "Save As" freezes Photoshop CS w/NEF conversions

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