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Subject: Standardizing Non-standard meta data

I use Cannon 10 & 20D. There are several parameters that are sometimes
put in odd places in the meta data - for example focal lengths and focus
distance with some lenses.

The DNG converter faithfully copies this data to the manufacturer's
section in the DNG file.

But I was wondering if there has been any work done on mapping some of
this info to the correct/more useful places in the DNG meta data.

I ask because there are an increasing number of apps which use this data
for correction purposes (eg DXO), but they fail or do a less precise job
when they can't find the data in the expected place.

I guess I can always write camera/lens specific scripts, but it would be
nice if there was an open source or community based re-mapping built
into the DNG converter so we could all benefit.


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Re: Standardizing Non-standard meta data
Re: Standardizing Non-standard meta data

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