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Subject: Re: new DNG Recover Edges utility

I had a very interesting use for DNG edge Recover. I have a new Panasonic LX1, which has a native sensor of 16X9, 3840 by 2160 pixels. It can take pictures at 16X9, 3X2, 4X3 length to height, but all are recorded using the full sensor.

I had mistakenly set the camera to 4X3 raw mode. When imported into Photoshop using the 3.3 ACR it was a 4X3 photot with 2880X2160 pixels.

I converted the files to DNG, then used DNG EDGE recover, and got back files which when imported were 3856 by 2170 pixels, slightly over 2million pixels recovered!

Very cool! Now I just wish that same capability was available in ACR, to eliminate the DNG conversion conversion steps.

Phil Noguchi


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