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Subject: Re: new DNG Recover Edges utility

Perhaps this is a good place to share information about this utility.

1. It works for me, without a hitch. (Thanks, Thomas!)

2. On the Pentax *istD, it recovers, (landscape orientation): top - 11; bottom - 5; left - 19, right - 13. (About 0.1 megapixels). So it is now a 3040 x 2024 camera!

3a. I made 2 Photoshop layers, one from a PEF, the other from a DNG with recovered edges. I positioned the PEF as above. I set blending mode to "difference", and "Info" said the value of some of the differences was 0. I reduced the canvas size to get rid of the extra pixels. Then I did Image > Trim. It said "can't do this because there would be no pixels". So, within the original (pre-recovery) area, the results from ACR are identical. The extra pixels look OK, but it is a bit hard to judge.

3b. I tried 3a separately with both CS2 / ACR 3.3 beta and CS / ACR 2.4. It appears that ACR 2.4 successfully handles the DNGs with recovered edges for my camera.

(I have respect for Thomas's software - honestly! But they are MY photographs. So I do similar tests whenever Adobe release a new ACR & DNG Converter, before trusting them from then on).


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