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Subject: Re: download dng how???


You do need to download and correctly install the latest version of of Adobe Camera Raw, ACR 3.3, after removing the old ACR plug-in that is installed by default.

You can also download the stand-alone DNG Converter application to convert your RAW files to DNG files if you wish. It comes bundled with one of the ACR downloads.

However, since you have Photoshop 9 ("CS2"), you can open the RAW files from your camera directly in Photoshop once you download and correctly install ACR 3.3. (Actually, your camera has been supported since ACR 3.2.) Please read the instructions on the download page very carefully.

Go to the main downloads page and click on the Adobe Photoshop link for your platform (Windows or Macintosh). Both ACR and the DNG Converter are on the same page as all Photoshop downloads.

For further guidance, please read the FAQs and the Debugging thread at the Adobe Camera Raw forum.

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