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Subject: Re: does anyone know ...

John, add PDF to your list. In fact, because variants of PDF has been made into ISO standards, (eg. PDF/A - ISO 19005-1:2005), it appears that XMP has been carried into ISO too. And it has credibility within W3C, being based on RDF and XML.

I was trying to understand the roles of extra TIFF-tags within DNG, and XMP within DNG. It could be argued that this is one mechanism too many! But they exist, so let's at least try to understand them.

Should the ActiveArea tag in have been an XMP parameter instead? I suspect not, within the current view of DNG. But it is open to argument. It appears that you could discard all XMP metadata from a DNG file, and still get a plausible raw conversion. (Should Fuji offset sensors be catered for by TIFF-tags or XMP parameters? This view suggests TIFF-tags - which is the case).

We have TIFF-tags coming from "the bottom", providing configuration data for image rendering purposes, and XMP parameters coming from "the top", providing value-added personal and business information. How do we decide what goes where?


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