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Subject: Re: does anyone know ...

John, I am aware of the forum nunatak was talking about. (If it is the one I am thinking of, I was deep in it myself!)

I fully agree that XMP (X = eXtensible) is a major part of the answer - but you already know I think that.

I think some people are wondering whether Adobe have a stranglehold on the tags of DNG, and will therefore control the evolution of raw shooting to their own ends. (There is a lot of paranoid conspiracy theory out there!)

The ActiveArea tag (of significant value to Canon) is an example of something that was probably best handled by a TIFF-like tag, rather than an XMP parameter/namespace.

My gut feeling is that private tags added to DNG would lose the benefits of a common raw format. A key to a common raw format is "no unnecessary/arbitrary differences". I think EXIF went a bit wrong, with some apparently arbitrary differences or duplications.

My gut feeling (sounds like diarrhoea!) is that TIFF-like tags should be used for primary image rendering according to sensor characteristics, while XMP parameters should be used for things of a personal nature, whether they are editing, settings, asset or rights management, etc. But I don't have a clear view of how to decide what should go where.


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