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Subject: Re: adding user comments/desciptions to dng file?

Not by direct input to the DNG Converter. But there are other possibilities that you may want to explore. For example, I was told this:

"idImager V3 will allow you to read and write all XMP that currently exists in your DNG files.... This also includes raw converter information that ACR writes as XMP in a DNG. With idImager you can add additional metadata to the file and write that back to the DNG.... By default idImager V3 is configured with editor panels that show all metadata that is defined in the IPTC4XMP schema, but you are free to customize that to your own preference. idImager can be configured to ingest into DNG format, and also to add a user's "standard" XMP metadata to a set of DNG files".

Or: (Doug Alcorn - Image Ingest Script for DNG): "Now that Adobe's DNG Converter can be used from the command line, I've written a new script to ingest photos from compact flash, convert to DNG, and rename based on EXIF.... adding XMP metadata from a Template file".

There are several products that can maintain XMP metadata within DNG files, and several products that can use the command-line interface to the DNG Converter (eg. as part of an ingestion process). Put these together, and you may be able to do what you want.


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