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Subject: Re: When is the right time to convert to DNG

rmyoung, I do like Barry Clive and convert my Minolta RAWs to DNG and copy to disc in one step so I agree with him that it's really no overhead there. Then I work in RAWShooter with my pictures in DNG as if they were my original Minolta RAW. No practical difference at all exept that's a gain of some 30% space (Minolta RAW is about 8,5 or 9 MB and DNG 5,5 to 6). If I like to look at my pictures in a slideshow I do it directly in RAWShooter that has a good tool for this. If I like to print some or all of my pictures in active folder I just mark them and batch convert them to JPG in a suitable resolution (96 dpi low quality for DVD or 300 dpi high quality for print outs).

If I would consider another workflow with less effort I would settle for using just JPG right out of the camera. It doesn't cost more to take an extra picture with slightly different settings in order to get it right in the first place. There are professional people with very little time for time consuming Photo Shopping that uses this method. It's always best to get it right direct, isn't it? If you do, you don't need to waste a lot of time trying to save bad pictictures. I'm not there yet but I can definitely understand people who by pass RAW because it is a higher cost in time to use it.


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