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Subject: Re: When is the right time to convert to DNG

DNG hopfully give us a more durable and more widely supported format to store our pictures in than all the hundreds of various proprietary RAW-formats on the market. I have a Minolta D7D kamera that produces Minolta RAW that are now an obsolete format after Minolta left the market. I started to use DNG as my sole and only archive format some month before that happened, because I thought DNG had a quite good chance to overlive Minolta RAW as a supported format on the market. I'm sorry to say that I hadn't in my wildest nightmare dreams a thought that Minolta should leave the market entirely a few month ago. Sony has left us hanging out there wondering whar will happen when they officially take over the resposibility for us Minolta users the 1st of april.

An other thing that's positive with DNG is that it gives a good example of the gains you have adopting a common widely supported fileformat. It can be used as a bridge of those who wants to use a certain editor, that for the moment lacks support for their RAW-files due to missmatch in product cykles. You might have a brand new camera and wants to use a hot RAW-file editor of a version that might have been around for some time (which means it lacks support for the most recent file formats on the market). With DNG-files you have an instant support today of at least 40 different editors. How many support your own RAW-format? Examples of cameras that wasn't supported by RAWSooter 1.0 before the last upgrade was for example cameras like KonicaMinolta 5D, Canon EOS 5D and some Nikon models as well, just to pick a few.

Waiting for an open world standard (OpenRAW ?), DNG is the best we have. Adobe has shown before that the company can establish standards (like Adobe Acrobat that is a stable de facto standard format for document interchange). I think they have an even better chance to succeed with graphic file format standardisation than anything else since graphics tools is this companys main playground. I also think it's a much better idea to adopt a common format instead of reinventing the weel in almost every more advanced new camera that hits the market. Why shall we accept to pay for something we don't really need (and I'm not just talking of development costs here). Why don't we get cameras that are capable of storing the pictures in DNG or another standard format direct in the camera? Today a few vendors are doing this but we are still waiting for the main players to take that step. Proprietary RAW-formats doesn't give you a anything more than DNG, than just problems.


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