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Subject: Re: When is the right time to convert to DNG

I fall into the belt and suspenders camp. Though I don't think there is
anything wrong with discarding the original raw if that works for you.

Part of it for me is old film based habits - the RAW file is like an
original slide and I am loathe to discard it.

More practically, as Jim_Hess stated, I don't know what technologies
will become available in the future and I don't want to limit my options
when there is no reason to. Storage trivially cheap compared to the
value of the images and it does not take significantly longer to archive
70% more data by keeping the raw file.

A good example of two recent changes are the recover edges program and
the re-mapping of additional RAW meta data, neither of which were
available in the v 1.0 DNG's.

I suppose I could get around all this by embedding the RAW in the DNG,
but I'm just a little leery of that. Given time, i will probably lose my

The ideal situation for me would be if all my cameras wrote DNG
natively. In that case would only have one format to worry about.

But again, that does not mean that I have the right answer to the RAW
work flow issue - discarding the RAW makes just as much sense for
different reasons.


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