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Subject: Re: When is the right time to convert to DNG

I'm not speaking for UrbanVoyeur, nor am I explaining his reasoning. But it seems that some individuals seem to feel that they are giving up something when they convert to the DNG format. If they are converting to DNG because their version of Photoshop and Camera Raw will not open their raw files, some individuals think they should keep the original raw files so that if someday they are able to upgrade their software or if something else makes it possible for them to open those files, then they can really get into "true" raw editing. Then there is another group that seem to be completely converted to the DNG format and have no need for those original files. I don't think there is a right or wrong decision to make here. Go with whatever gives you the confidence that you can use your files the way you want to in the future.


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When is the right time to convert to DNG =>

Re: When is the right time to convert to DNG

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