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Subject: Re: When is the right time to convert to DNG

Marc, that is a good point about the integrity check. Here is what I do:

1. Convert to DNG into a folder on a disc that acts as security in case my working disc fails.

2. Copy from the security folder to a folder on my working disc. (And glance at the sizes to see that they are about right, and not silly sizes).

3. Use Bridge to view the folder on my working disc.

If Bridge can build thumbnails and previews from all the latter images, then all stages have presumably worked OK. (Errors don't normally cancel out, they tend to accumulate!)

I have seen it suggested that you should ALWAYS reformat the card immediately after "3". The reason for that is so that you always know that a card with images on it hasn't been through stage "3". Otherwise when you find a card with images on, you may wonder whether it is OK to reformat or not.


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