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Subject: Re: OpenRAW article: "DNG is not the answer"!


just so you don't feel i'm ignoring you-- i'm contemplating a more "constructive" approach to break us from our little circulus in demonstrando.our expansions have gotten a little too wordy for the attention span of most forum members--and perhaps even ourselves. maybe it's a good thing there are word limits to every post. :-)

i'm also somewhat emberassed to admit--yes it's true-- that i've been so busy procrastinating over here that i need to pay some serious attention to finishing another project.

meantime-- wrt your suggestion about a diagram, i think it would be helpful. however, i was going to ask--as you're more of an engineer, and i'm more of a designer/artist--if you would consider resolving our differences through a wiki? DNG is an excellent topic for a wiki--sans all the distractions defending logical fallacies. upon completion, it can also be an excellent web resource for further promoting the pros and cons of DNGs.

you can write me at the same address i referred you to in posting number 4 or just address me here. ciao :-)


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