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Subject: Re: OpenRAW article: "DNG is not the answer"!

Hm! Does this forum have a limit on message size? I'll continue:

Digital still photographs don't resemble the real world. I've been in the audience at 3D IMAX presentations, and they are vastly closer to the real world than digital still photographs. In virtually every dimension, digital photography falls VASTLY short of real world images, or even 3D IMAX images.

Nothing from today's digital cameras matches real world images. Nothing matches what the eye+brain sees. Therefore, the entire digital imaging chain is highly subjective, and much of it is an optical illusion. Viewers adapt to what is possible, photographers adapt to what viewers have adapted to, and the industry evolves.

All is not lost. I can photograph a Gretag Macbeth Color Checker, run it through my system, print it, and then photograph both the print and the original Color Checker, and see pretty much the same on the new digital image. I use DNG in that process, so I can be confident that DNG is not screwing things up. But this is not about DNG or not - it is about colour management, which I have perhaps 80% OK although not 100% OK. DNG doesn't replace colour management - in effect, it cooperates with it.

"however in the absence of information to the contrary, I can't perform
advocacy work outside adobe's universe with a strategy that appears unclear.
i would like to work toward a universal solution, and not one biased in
favour of any single vendor. whether DNG is it remains questionable to
my mind."

What you need to do is decide how to evaluate information. Do you have some sort of model of what is happening that enables you to decide whether new information supports or contradicts advocacy of DNG?

This, of course, is "science". Without a hypothesis, gathering data is simply "stamp collecting", and you end up with a large book of stamps. With a hypothesis, that data supports or undermines it, and builds towards a theory. What hypothesis are you using to evaluating any new information about DNG, for or against?


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