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Subject: Re: OpenRAW article: "DNG is not the answer"!


Adobe Locking the DNG format to its converter,

adobe hasn't locked the DNG format to it's converter, but by favouring processor-side dependencies, it sets the stage for shifting the raw processor arms race from the best damn raw processing system ... to the best damn DNG processing system. imo, this would be a distraction from developing the best damn open and portable file format. i would like to see a totally self contained format which includes the hooks and algorithims (or at least a referrant) to successfully process what barry calls a "sensor's configurations".

the "click" was symbolic of this epiphany. up until then, i had thought this was the purpose of the private maker notes. thanks to the talents of the adobe engineering team, the ACR engine has become so powerful, scalable, and adaptable that if DNG were front ended it would blow away any of the minor "color correct out-of-the-box" perceptions, or GUI advantages the third party raw processors rely on to distinguish themselves from ACR.

barry, it was nice to have a day off. :-)

I'm puzzled - your statement is almost a quotation from the DNG specification!
Am I missing the point you are making?

yes, no, maybe? my point was that if color was the responsibilty of the DNG maker, why also not algorithims for anomolous "sensor configurations"? as an example --the absence of an anti-aliasing filter. if anomolous "sensor configurations" are not cost-effective to develop except for the largest of entities--why can't this be the responsibility of the DNG maker and embedded into the maker notes? wouldn't this take the heat off of building a mega DNG processor that competes with the walmarts of the developing world and allow ma and pa shoppes to persue greater depth in refining their own specialty niches? i guess now it's my turn to ask if i'm missing something? :-)


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