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Subject: Re: OpenRAW article: "DNG is not the answer"!

Pierre, you were "able to convert a DNG from a Leica Camera with a version of DCRAW that was released before that camera" because you had been granted supernatural powers by Princess Zelda, or possible by Lara Croft. (You choose! I'm off to see what Angelina Jolie can do for me).

The evaluation of DNG-capability of raw converters is more complicated than that. Ultimately, a raw converter may handle or not handle each of the parameters. It may support all the Bayer-sensor parameters, but not support offset sensors such as Fuji sensors. It may support, or not support, "linearised" DNG.

Pixmantec/Rawshooter has always been honest - they support DNG where they support the native raws, and have always made that clear. (I think).

Some raw converters don't even say which cameras they support via their native raws. "We support NEF and CR2 and ...". Er ... but do they support the 30D? Or the D30?

I'm amused by the following: "i started using IrfanView and IMO it's better than ACR...which is kind of ironic when you think about it...since Adobe created DNG spec..."

That isn't lock-in!


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