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Subject: Re: OpenRAW article: "DNG is not the answer"!

barry, your explanation has helped clarify my question regarding DNG as being a totally self contained format. it isn't. Click--it's processor side dependent! this makes me feel for the need to add some caveat to my advocacy efforts.

with processor side dependencies, i can see a legitimate concern developing with DNG consumers as to why some cameras that generate DNGs are supported and some not. of course they're going to be driven to the best resourced DNG processor. i can also understand why developers might be concerned that consumers would be driven to the best resourced DNG processor, as it shifts emphasis to developing the best DNG processor, as opposed to the best processor for a certain brand or model. do these anomalies need to be addressed to span the distance between opponents and get all parties on board?

one ideal solution would be to develop a completely self contained format. is that even possible?


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