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Subject: Re: OpenRAW article: "DNG is not the answer"!

Dierk Haasis, your stament supports my claim, that mere publication of a format isn't sufficient to cause a raw converter to support it. That applies whether the format is a camera manufacturer's proprietary format or DNG.

DNG won't succeed just because it is openly documented - that helps, but isn't sufficient. It needs more. I have docmented my view of what that is in:

I believe that what is happening is a complicated trend towards DNG over a period of years as benefits gradually accummulate in the eyes of many photographers and product suppliers and others. At some point, the cost benefit analysis of any product supplier will tip towards DNG, but this will occur at different times for different suppliers.

I suspect that there are already more DNGs created every day for Bayer-cameras as a whole than there are properietary raws created by any single Bayer-camera. In that case, it might actually be more cost-effective for a raw converter developer to add generalised support for DNG for Bayer-cameras, and rely on use of the DNG Converter, than it would be to add support for one extra Bayer-camera. It is a complicated equation, but in future I think product developers will make such decisions. For example, in 2010, someone developing a new raw converter may say "we'll only deal will the latest cameras directly, and exploit DNG to cater for the other hundreds of older cameras".

The raw converters we see today were typically initially designed before DNG. Their problem is therefore needing an enhancement that they hadn't planned for to support DNG. Rawshooter made a sensible first step, but will probably need to add further support in future. But someone designing a new raw converter now might make DNG their only "first class citizen", and use the command-line interface to Adobe's raw converter to convert other formats to DNG before operating on them. Or some other way of exploiting DNG.

I think what we need are: better DNG Converters; and better support by DNG. OpenRAW should concentrate on how to achieve those, which are still compatible with their obective of open publication of proprietary formats.


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