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Subject: Re: OpenRAW article: "DNG is not the answer"!

nunatak, OpenRAW itself was launched over 11 months ago. They were, and still are, a "single issue lobby group". That issue is concern over the lack of documentation of the camera manufacturers' raw file formats, and they lobby for these to be openly published.

They have always taken a rather dismissive attitude towards DNG. Perhaps they see it as a distraction or diversion from the one issue they care strongly about. When their web site was launched, there were only about 25 non-Adobe products that supported DNG in any way, and it is unlikely they knew the number was even that size.

That anti-DNG article probably started out as a personal position piece by its author. But it was taken out of its original context, (the OpenRAW mailing list), and displayed in a very prominent place on the OpenRAW home page. That was a deliberate act by the OpenRAW team! Another deliberate act in the last couple of days was to remove "(and Adobe has created)" from part of their discussion of the problem: "Many have suggested (and Adobe has created) a common, open file format for RAW image files for all camera makers to use as a solution to the RAW problem".

There is a hint of a (one sided) "holy war" here. Perhaps the OpenRAW team feel threatened by the progress of DNG. In 11 months, DNG has increased its support to over 100 non-Adobe product. But OpenRAW hasn't made any visible progress of its own. As far as I can tell, the only change to the publication of cameras' raw file formats in the last 11 months is that some cameras now use DNG!

This is sad. OpenRAW has a "brand" that could be used to better effect. They have lots of individual supporters, many of who actually thought "OpenRAW" was all about an open common raw format! They live in a world where people ask them how they position themselves against those advocating DNG. They may have an unfortunate answer.


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