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Subject: Re: Next Generation DNG to work with Lightroom


Thanks for helping me understand the use of XMP and the need to apply XMP to JPEG.

Right now XMP metadata can be stored in a DNG file or it can be stored in a sidecar file. The most important item for me in this thread is that I don't want to be forced to use a sidecar file for JPEGs adjusted in LR. This is why I have thought about the matter in terms of DNG becuase as DNG does away with sidecar files for RAW files, I want the same functionality for other LR formats. So long as Adobe can provide a solution requiring no sidecar XMP metadata files for these new file formats adjusted in its extended ACR module in LR, I will be a very happy customer. I haven't played much with JPEG along these lines and maybe I am up in the night becuase I don't have a sound grasp of the concept. (Take for instance TIFF which includes XMP data inside the file. Because TIFF is a known standard, there is no chance of overwriting base file data with XMP metadata inside a TIFF file). I appreciate these Adobe fora for expression and understanding.

BTW: I realize DNG is currently a RAW file format. I also recognize that ACR is currently exclusively used for RAW file formats. It appears that LR is about to change the use of ACR corrections -- the LR Develop module is going to allow the ACR adjustments to a variety of file formats. I just need to have Adobe permit adjustments to JPEG files without doing violence to the base JPEG image AND with the adjustments attached to the file.

Thanks again.


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