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Subject: Re: Next Generation DNG to work with Lightroom

Douglas, I think your post mixes up two different concepts, although the points you make are valid.

DNG is primarily a raw file format. The fact that it can hold XMP metadata within it, including editing and settings metadata, is a bonus. But that isn't the defining characteristic of DNG, which is that it is raw.

If you said "we need an extension to PSD, TIFF, JPEG, ..., that can hold XMP editing and settings metadata, in the same way that DNG is an extension of raw that can hold such metadata", then that makes sense.

In fact most, perhaps all, of those file formats CAN hold XMP metadata. Perhaps the issue here is that we need Lightroom (etc) to be able to store and retrieve editing and settings metadata in those files, in addition to what it can do with its database.


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