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Subject: Re: DNG support in Photoshop Element

Another update: I rememebered that I had already sat through a download of the Photoshop CS2 trial version, but dumped it out onto a CD because I was to busy to waste my 30 days of trial. I installed it today, and found that it does indeed let you add keywords to DNGs and CR2s. Elements will notice keywords when you import images to its catalogs and import the keywords, if you like, converting them to tags.
The keywords that I had added in Imatch were visible in both Elements Organizer and Bridge, but the keyword I (thought I had) added in IView were not. I've already ininstalled IView, so I'm not going to research much further - it looks like the keyword only went into the IView catalog file (I found it in there), rather like Elements.
Like Elements, Photoshop CS will not save a file in DNG format; if you want to add keywords to a Raw or DNG file, you must do it with Bridge!


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