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Subject: Re: DNG support in Photoshop Element

I see the possibilities, but so far I don't see other applications doing anything useful with keywords or tag info. The embedded tags would let you transfer tag info from catalog to catalog in PSE, but that's about it. I find that Irfanview behaves similarly to PSE - writing keywords to JPG files is possible, but writing keywords to DNG files is not.
So far I'm still not seeing a real advantage to converting my raw files to DNG. I catalog my raw files, and only convert to other formats (usually JPG) to send them to others. I don't know - do the drugstore photo kisks read DNGs? Ten years from now, will DNG support persist, but nothing will read my CR2 files? It could happen, but it's also likely that DVD readers will be as dead as 8-inch floppies.
So again, how do you expect to improve your workflow? Do you know of an application that does batch conversion and writes tags?


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