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Subject: Re: DNG Converter for Windows - command line error messages?

Some additional info:

If I just run the command on Windows, I get no message to the "Command Prompt" console window. But, if I redirect file descriptor 2, then I do get a message on the file:

C:>"Adobe DNG Converter" -c BAD.NEF 2>tmp2

C:>type tmp2
Not a supported raw file: "BAD.NEF"

That's the message from the 3.2 version. The 3.3 version gives a different message:

Error while converting file: "BAD.NEF"

This indicates to me that in the development from 3.2 to 3.3, someone was paying attention to error handling, since the 3.3 message is a little better. (The first one might be misinterpreted by a user to mean that the utility doesn't handle NEFs.)

It is really unfortunate for people like me who are trying to build systems around DNG Converter that we don't have a proper spec to work with! (I complained about this here in a message a few weeks ago, with no response from Adobe.)

Nowhere in the PDF that documents how to run DNG Converter from the command line does it say anything about exit codes, file descriptors, or error messages. For a critical utility like DNG Converter this is very frustrating!

The problem with basing the surrounding software, which has to be extremely reliable, on behavior that I've discovered experimentally is that I don't know if that behavior is intentional on Adobe's part or accidental, and I have no idea if it will be continued in future versions.

Anyway, having gotten that off my chest: Does anyone have any experimental results with DNG Converter that can expand on our knowledge of its actual behavior?



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