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Subject: Re: Best Retouch Tutorial/Book

Hey, I already got the Eismann Masking and Compositing book. It took like all of two days. . . and shipping was free and projected to take up to 9 days or something like that. So that part I'm quite happy with. Thank you Amazon.

As far as the book itself goes, this is a book for pros or anyone wanting to work at the pro level. Thanks so much for the recommendation.

Still flipping through this cavalcade of masking and very ambitious images. She's definitely got it right when it comes to covering the stuff pros want to know.

Is that other retouch book at all redundant with this one? Seems like a ton of information if the other book covers very different situations and goals.

I may have to become a proper photographer just to have the cool pieces to diddle with rather than shooting pictures for painting reference or touching up other photographers work.

Apparently, if you're a good enough retoucher, you don't have to be the perfect photographer in the perfect location at the perfect moment. And you can still look like a master.

Really, thanks again. I'm quite pleased.


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