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Subject: Re: Best Retouch Tutorial/Book

Wow. Thanks Ramon!

I was unable to link to your recommended site because it was 'Forbidden' for whatever reason.

However the address had enough info to find an amazing advanced masking tutorial on Russel Brown's site on the tips and tricks page.

Remarkable tutorial. And I thought I knew Photoshop. . .

'Course, the world is not set against a no-seam BG. But I'm delighted being informed enough to start finessing. Thank goodness too, because it will be harder to get automated out of a job again. John Henry I'm not.

I wonder if I can get Amazon to exchange the masking and compositing book for the retouching one.

If not, I'm not too upset. I'm sure the book will have lots of good info. I'll buy the other one and have both.

I broke through the mask wall. Yay!


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