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Subject: Re: Best Retouch Tutorial/Book

I looked at the descriptions of each of the books you and Tunney mentioned and opted for the Masking and Compositing one as a first taste of this author.

Masking hair and fur is a make or break thing at this point. I've tried lots of different tutorials with mixed results. I find I'm having to go back in and draw some of the loose halo type hairs & strands that get lost, like with old-school retouching. I want to minimize that sort of hand work time as much as possible.

The author being someone who is highly touted, If her techniques are similar to what I've seen, then I know it's about practice and the quality of the original image. Then I can go on to the other book.

In a perfect world these books would be in a local bookstore so I could know at a glance which book to have chosen to begin with.

Thanks for the tips. I'm confident these books will make it happen.


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