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Subject: Re: Best Retouch Tutorial/Book

I appreciate the recommendation. I'll order it tonight.

If you do retouching of portraits, maybe you can tell me. . . I was looking into doing photo retouching of formal portraits. What do clients expect generally? Do they not want to see subtle freckles? My wife has a soft ruddyness and I would be upset if her freckles were blurred away into some sort of overall tan or reduced to a few idealized flecks crossing the bridge of her nose.

There is another detail: faint skin pores that show up where the light and dark meet? Do those generally get removed from portraits even though it identifies the skin as skin and not something totally smooth?

It bothers me to have photos look very airbrushed. But if that's what the market wants. . . It's easier to blur than make sure the texture is correct.

I come from an illustration background and many of the magazines and ads loved to see renderings with extreme detail, and skin pores with all the individual hairs and that sort of thing. It was too much for me, but many art directors loved it. It was some demented gague of getting their money's worth.

Anyway, what have you found? I need to start putting together a portfolio of retouching and must get a little clearer on what the hiring people are most often after.

Thanks again. It's probably in the book you recommended, but I'd like to hear from various sources.


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