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Subject: DNG Converter 3.3 and E-1 ORF files

The DNG Converter 3.3 does not convert ORF files from the Oly E-1
using the command line interface. Using the GUI the conversion process
works as expected.

Sample batch file:
@echo off
if exist "%1" goto convert
echo File %1 does not exist.
goto end

"c:program filesadobeAdobe DNG Converter.exe" -c "%1"
if errorlevel 1 goto error
echo Ok.
goto end

echo Cannot convert %1...


test PB140655.ORF

gives the "Cannot convert PB140655.ORF..." error messages anytime and
for any ORF from the Oly E-1. I've tried also ShellExecuteEx() with
similar results: It does not work.

OTOH: Version 3.2 converts the same ORF files without any problem
using the CLI *and* the GUI.
It smells like a bug in the version 3.3 or a BM on my side ;-)



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Re: DNG Converter 3.3 and E-1 ORF files

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