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Contax N Digital
Manufacturer: Contax
Model: N Digital
Type 35 mm focal plane shutter AF/AE SLR digital camera
Image Size 36 x 24mm
Image device 35 mm format full-frame square pixel RGB primary colour CCD
Effective pixels 6.29 mega pixels (3,072 x 2,048 pixels)
Recording pixels 6.04 mega pixels (3,008 x 2,008 pixels)
Recording format JPEG (compression ration 1/4, 1/8 or 1/16), RGB-TIFF, RAW (12 bit) (RAW data should be developed through an image data processing with the dedicated supplied software)
Recording media CompactFlash™ (type I/II), IBM Microdrive™ (510 MB, 1 GB)
File size JPEG 1 (1/4 compression) approx. 3 MB
JPEG 2 (1/8 compression) approx. 1.5 MB
JPEG 3 (1/16 compression) approx. 0.8 MB
RGB-TIFF approx. 18 MB
RAW approx. 9 MB
White balance Auto, fluorescent light, flash, one-push preset setting, colour temperature setting (pre-defined value)
Image Regulation Tone curve, edge emphasis and chroma
LCD monitor 2.0 inches low temperature poly-silicon TFT colour LCD, approx. 200,000 pixels
Playback display Single image, 9 image index, digital zoom, playback zoom function, histogram view, high light view
Lens mount Contax N mount
Autofocus 5 point phase difference detection system, automatic or manual selection of AF frames
Focus modes Single AF, continuous AF (predictive), manual
Fine Focus A.B.C Automatic picture series with three slightly different focus settings
Shutter Vertical travel focal plane shutter
Shutter speeds P/Av: 1/8000-32 sec automatic; Tv/M: 1/8000-4 sec with shutter speed dial; 1/8000-32 sec with command dial; B, X (1/125 sec)
Sync Settings X setting (1/250 sec. or slower), direct X setting sync-terminal provide
Self Timer Electronic type with 2 & 10 sec. delays
Shutter Release Electronic release with dedicated cable socket
Exposure control modes 1) Aperture priority auto
2) Shutter priority auto
3) Program auto
4) Manual exposure
5) TTL auto flash
Metering system TTL evaluative matrix, centre-weighted average, or spot metering
Metering range
(ISO 100, F1.4)
EV 0 to 21 (evaluative matrix / centre weighted metering)
EV 3 to 21 (spot metering; based on 3mm diameter area in center of viewfinder
Speed range ISO 25 to 400 equiv. (1/3 steps)
AE lock EV at image plane stored in memory
Exposure compensation +2 EV to -2 EV, in 1/3 EV or 1/2 EV steps (selectable)
Exposure A.B.C system Compensation: 1/3 EV or 1/2 EV or 1 EV steps (selected with exposure A.B.C lever)
Coupled flash system TTL direct flash control
Flash coupling Automatic shutter speed adjustment when Contax flash unit reaches full charge
Flash auto-set Available for Contax flash units with auto-set function
Second-curtain sync. Available for Contax flash units with second-curtain sync
Focusing system TTL phase-difference detection (5-point)
Focus modes Single AF, continuous AF (predictive), manual
Fine focus A.B.C System automatic (set with focus dial)
Viewfinder Fixed long eye-point pentaprism, shows 95 % field of view, 0.73x magnification (with 50 mm standard lens at infinity), with eyepiece shutter
Diopter adjustment Internal mechanism, adjustable from -3 D to +1 D; FM type eye piece lenses (2 types) optionally available
Focusing screen Supplied with whole-view matte FX-2, interchangeable with other FX-type screens
Finder display Focus frames. Exposure A.B.C icon, Fine Focus A.B.C icon, Exposure counter/Self-timer counter exposure/Exposure A.B.C sequence, Fine focus A.B.C sequence, Metering indicator, Flash ready, Focus indicator, Aperture, Shutter speed, Exposure meter/Exposure compensation/Metering divergence, Manual exposure icon, Exposure compensation icons
Display panel top Exposure counter/Self timer counter/Exposure A.B.C sequence/Fine Focus A.B.C sequence/Bulb time, Focus frame selection, Exposure compensation (when exposure compensation dial is in green position), Drive indicators, Battery status (shooting mode), Aperture, Shutter speed/Film speed/Camera customized functions
Display panel rear Exposure counter, Recording format, White balance, Digital function customized setting, Memory card cover indicator, Battery status (playback mode)
Drive mode Single frame, continuous exposure, self-timer (2 or 10 sec)
Continuous shooting speed Max. 3 frames per second in continuous ("C") mode [with fresh battery at room temperature]
Exposure counter Subtractive, visible on top-LCD panel, rear-LCD panel and inside viewfinder, top-LCD panel and rear-LCD panel displays "99" when more than 99 shots remain
Accessory shoe Direct X contact (coupled W/TLA flash)
I/O interface IEEE 1394
Power source AA type NiMH rechargeable battery x 4, AA-type alkaline primary battery x 4, AC power adapter
Battery check Automatic, status indicated on display panel
Number of shots Approx. 300 shots (room temperature, JPEG 3)
Other features Exposure check button, depth of field preview button, AF light, camera customized functions, digital function customized setting, vertical shutter release button (with lock function), focus target selector
Dimensions 6 x 5-7/16 x 3-1/8 in. (152 x 138 x 79.5 mm) (W x H x D)
Weight 1,000 g (w/o batteries)
Standard Accessory AA type NiMH rechargeable battery x 4, quick battery charger, AC power adapter, strap, CCD parameter CDR


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