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What's new in Watermark Factory 2.0

  • Ability to add several watermarks at the same time.  View sample>>

  • Save/Load watermark lists.

  • Text watermarks.

    1. Multi-line text support.  View sample>>

    2. Formatting.  View sample>>

    3. High-quality anti-aliasing.  View sample>>

    4. Transformations (rotation).  View sample>>

    5. Auto-fit for watermarks with scaling and formatting.  View sample>>

    6. Presets: ability to save text watermark settings and use it in new projects.

    7. EXIF date and time formatting.  View sample>>

    8. Text effects (shadow, emboss, engrave).  View sample>>

  • Image watermarks.

    1. Positioning and anchoring.

    2. Watermark auto-fit and tile effects.  View sample>>

    3. Transformations, scaling and rotations.  View sample>>

  • Save/Load for profile.

  • High-quality JPEG encoding, smooth, progressive encoding.

  • Saving a source image EXIF information in the result file.

  • New improved UI.

  • Faster image processing.


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